6 Best Parental Control Apps for Android


These days kids are addicted to mobile phones and tablets. With Android being the most popular mobile phone OS, most of us use Android smartphones. We all know that kids aren’t the best people to judge and take decisions and in such cases parents should always need to watch out for their children including their activities online with tablets and smartphones. Online hazards include scams, porn, malware, predators, bullies, and more. For solving these problems there are many parental control apps for Android.

In this post we will list out the best parental control apps for Android based on the test conducted and their effectiveness. AV-TEST, an independent agency compared 3 well-known security apps to 3 special parental control apps to find out how good they are in protecting kids.

Parental Control Apps for Android

The following products were tested and compared:

  • ESET Parental Control
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids
  • Norton Family
  • F Secure Mobile Security
  • Quick Heal Total Security
  • Trend Micro Mobile Security

While the first three are dedicated parental control apps, the next three are security apps which provide parental control features in Android. The test evaluated the filtering of over 6,900 websites in different categories like dating, chat rooms, gambling, sex, pornography etc.

The apps have to filter these kind of sites which enabling access to sites which are safe for kids. Here are the results.

Parental Control Apps for Android1

The dedicated parental apps also come with added features like blocking URLs, auditing the time spend by kids and more. Most of the parents also want to have access to the mobile device remotely, i.e. at home or in the office, and possibly control it like an administrator. This is a feature offered by all apps, along with quick location of the device on a Web-based map.

Another important feature is that a running parental control app is not allowed to be stopped or uninstalled. Based on these tests, ESET Parental Control, Kaspersky Safe Kids and Symantec Norton Family were found to pass all the test criteria and are the best parental control apps for Android.