8 Awesome Firefox Hidden Tricks and Tips you should try (2017)


Firefox is one the most popular web browsers available today and it is available across multiple platforms as well. Firefox was one of the browsers which existed even before Google Chrome was released. While it is not as popular as Chrome, it does have large base of users across the globe. Firefox has been continuously adding new features to the browser, some of which are available, while some are advanced settings and hidden. Here is the list of Firefox Hidden Tricks and tips you should try if you are using Firefox as your default browser.

Firefox hidden tricks


1. Speed up Firefox:

Type about:config in the Firefox URL bar and press enter. This will bring the config for Firefox and in case you have a good broadband connection, you can enable pipelining which will load multiple elements at the same time and improve the speeds. In the config, search for network.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining and make the values for these two config files to true by double clicking them.

network pipelining Firefox


2. Delete browsing history from the address bar:

If you want to delete a particular URL from the history, Firefox offers a simple solution to this instead of going through the entire history. For using this feature, just type the first few letters of the website you want to open and it shows up in the drop down list and you can use the down arrow key to select it without clicking it. Now hit the delete button and the site will be deleted from the history.


3. Refresh Firefox:

In case you feel Firefox is not working properly or lagging, there is an option to refresh Firefox. The refresh feature fixes many issues by restoring Firefox to its default state while saving your essential information like bookmarks, passwords, and open tabs. To refresh Firefox, open a new tab in Firefox and type about:support and press enter. This will open the troubleshooting page and on the top right corner you will see the option to Refresh Firefox.

Refresh Firefox


4. Thumbnails for Tabs:

You can enable thumbnails for Firefox tabs and this can be enabled from the configuration page. To do this open a new tab and type about:config and press enter. Click on the button, I’ll be careful and this will open the settings or Firefox. In the config file, Type browser.ctrlTab.previews into the search bar on the new page, then double-click the result so its value changes to “true.”

This will make sure tabs in Firefox have previews enabled.


5. Customize Firefox with Themes:

Firefox allows you to customize the browser by adding or removing elements and there is also support for themes. Click on the three lines on the top right corner and in the menu click customize option at the bottom. This will open the customization center for Firefox where you can customize it with themes, rearrange icons and do more.

Customize Firefox


6. Navigating Tabs:

If you have lot of tabs open in Firefox, you can easily navigate between them using the keyboard commands below.

  • Ctrl+Tab (rotate forward among tabs)
  • Ctrl+Shft+Tab (rotate to the previous tab)
  • Ctrl+1-9 (choose a number to jump to a specific tab)


7. Reduce Memory Usage:

Firefox is already optimized to use the RAM on your PC. But in case you are using a PC with low RAM, you can minimize the memory usage in Firefox. Open a new tab in Firefox and type about:memory and press enter. This will open the memory settings and here you will see the option to optimize the memory usage on your browser.

Minimize memory usage


8. Safe Mode:

Similar to Windows, where you can boot into Safe mode, Firefox also has this option. In safe mode, Firefox is started with all the add-ons disabled. To open Firefox in safe mode, open a new tab in Firefox and type about:support and press enter. This will open the troubleshooting page and on the top right corner you will see the option to open Firefox in safe mode.

Safe mode