5 Useful Google Maps Tips and Tricks on Android


Google’s apps on Android are some of the best available apps for your smartphone and one of them is the Google Maps app. Google Maps has slowly evolved to become one of the best companions for your travel needs. It helps you finding the best places for shopping, eating, hotels and more. It is currently the best mapping app available for smartphones and it is more than just getting from point A to B. So in this post we are presenting you the useful Google Maps tips and tricks to help you better.

So, in case you are having an Android smartphone, you can try out these tips and tricks for Google Maps.

Google maps tips and tricks


1. Download Maps for Offline Access:

Google Maps require internet access to get the latest maps. But if you are travelling with no internet connection, you can keep the maps downloaded and have offline access. To download maps offline, click on the hamburger menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top left and select Offline areas. Here you can select custom area and select the area you want on the maps. If you select to download a larger area, the download size will also increase. So always make sure you download only the required area for maps.

Once you have downloaded the area, you can access it offline without any data connection.



2. Add multiple stops to your route:

If you have selected the directions from your place to another place on the maps, you can also add multiple stops in the route. To use this feature, click on the three dots and add stops. You can add multiple stops to your route in Google Maps for Android.

This is yet another useful feature on Google Maps for Android and this is already available on desktop.



3. Send directions from desktop to Android:

If you are searching for any directions on your desktop, but want to refer it while driving, you can send these directions from your desktop to Android phone. Once you have searched for the directions, you can see the option called “Send to your phone” and Google will pick from the list of phones you have added this Gmail account. From this option you can get the search directions on your Android phone.

Google maps tricks


4. Zoom Maps using a single finger:

The general method to zoom is to use two fingers and use pinch to zoom. But if you do not have two fingers to spare and using the mobile with one finger, then you can use the alternative way to zoom. All you need to do is to double tap and hold the finger on the screen and swipe up or down to zoom in or out. Using this method you do not have to use second finger to zoom.


5. Find Locations you visited.

Google Maps has this nifty option to track your locations and places you visited. This history is saved on your account and you can access it from your smartphone. If you click on the hamburger menu, you will see the option called “Your Timeline”. If you select this option, you can see all the places you have visited and this can be filtered based on the date and time. If you do not want this to happen you can go to the settings from the timeline and disable the tracking option.


These are some of the useful tricks you can try out on Google Maps on Android.